Contingent Workforce Platforms Can be Beneficial to Your Business

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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Finding the right candidate is not easy. It takes a lot of patience to find the exact requirement that fits your budget. When you are stuck on a deadline, you tend to onboard the available candidate, which is the biggest mistake one can make. Don’t you think it would be easy to manage your recruiting processes via one platform? Hiring candidates is an essential part of the entire process, but it is vital to onboard the right candidate. An employee’s skills and input matters more than just filling up the requisitions. And how can this be done? Simple. You integrate with a vendor management system.

But what are benefits can an organization gain from integrating with contingent workforce platforms? How can it help in the success of your business? Well, here is your answer to this.


Traditional hiring and recruiting have been a risky game. Earlier, you couldn’t process the documents, verify the data, and find the right candidate for the open position. There was no guarantee of onboarding top talents, let alone the best ones. Hiring could burn holes in your pocket, and budgets were way off the track. Traditional recruitment meant biased hiring and full-time employees who would work from the office only. Part-time laborers were rarely there, freelancers and remote workers were nowhere to be seen. The in-house workers themselves did the project-based work. With the upgrade of technology, people practiced their skills and upgraded their value. New recruitment processes include unbiased hiring, filling up requisitions within the given deadline, hosting a diverse workforce, and having various staff, such as freelancers and remote workers. This medium has helped the work to go on round the clock.


Now when you have a workforce that is based all around the world, training sessions could get a bit complicated. To solve this issue, we have a tool, Learning Management System (LMS), that could assist you in providing sessions and assessing their individual or organizational goals. Data can be collected, reports are automatically created, and assessments can be done easily through the LMS. With this tool, one can notice the minor skill gaps that need to be worked upon for better deliverables. This tool assists in providing the necessary materials, assessment tests, and reports from time to time for the betterment of a candidate. With contingent workforce programs, you can satisfy your legal and regulatory requirements. Since a VMS is a cloud-based portal, video conferences promote virtual meetings, stay in contact frequently, and allow data to be accessible from anywhere.


Recruiting is not the only part of the entire hiring process that is complex. Managing vendors, data, and records of the process are even more strenuous if you try it manually. Just imagine how our ancestors used to do so. Managing the complete information for ten people can be easy, but at some time, the business would grow, and management would expand to a hundred. A recruitment applicant tracking system can assist in storing information of a zillion candidates. Tools like a talent pool to manage your potential candidates and categorize them based on interest, hobbies, and skills. These candidates pass the ATS, which means the talents are worth onboarding. The application tracking system collects information and categorizes candidates based on their assessments, experience, and skills. It can track the communication, decrease the time while filling in requisitions, get top talents, store plenty of data, and is password protected.

Contingent workforce platforms have endless benefits that could assist in the growth and success of your organization. With the integration of a VMS, you can bid goodbye to your vendor management obstacles and shake hands with success, constant growth, and better budgets. Now you can smoothly interview candidates worldwide with the video conferencing tool or provide assessment tools to your employees. You can track the performance of your team members, follow up with their KPIs, cross-check their timesheets, generate automatic invoices, and keep track of their payrolls. Additionally, you can schedule meetings, save them on the calendar, receive reminders, and get notifications on your existing meetings, interviews, and contracts.

The features don’t stop here. There is plenty more to our vendor management software solution, FlentisPRO. It is a package you need. Your business requirements are fulfilled with this VMS. This portal is for the most complicated situations in management, and it can resolve the obstacles in an instant.



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